Welcome to the Photoshop section.
In this section you’ll be able to find some of the things I’ve made and or edited in Photoshop. You can select which category you would like to view in the drop-down menu that will appear when you hover your mouse over ‘Photoshop’ on the top of this website.

Here is some useful information about finding your way around this site.

1. On the top of the page there are different categories. Move your mouse over each category to see a drop-down menu. You can pick from that drop-down menu what you would like to look at next and go there by clicking on the name once.

2.  When clicking on the most left category, called ‘Updates‘ you will get an overview of the things I have uploaded recently. It is a quick way to find out if there is anything new on the website, which you have not seen yet.

3. If you are looking for something specific on my site, you will be happy to hear about the search function on my website. You will find it in the menu on the right. You can type in some keywords there to describe what it is you are looking for and hopefully something will pop up!

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  • Di Papa:

    Lekker hoor, mooi gedaan. Ik zou contact met Queen of Tarts opnemen als reclame voor hen op jouw site.

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