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Update 28th of September 2010 – My Tiger cub speed drawing is finally here!

Took me a while, but I’ve finally finished and uploaded my second Speed Drawing. This one is of a cute Tiger Cub, based on a picture my boyfriend came across on the internet. I think Tigers are really adorable! Do you think so too? – Then my video will definitely be worth watching!

Clicky-click on the pic!

Update 15th of August 2010 – More animal photography: Seals in Howth + My first Peacock speed drawing.

Today I went out with a friend to the harbor in Howth where I had the opportunity to take some nice picture of some funny (and quite hungry) animals.
To see the pictures, you know where to click!

Also I’ve made another category which you can find in the drawings section. It’s called Speed Drawings. For now there is just one video of myself drawing a Peacock, but I am already working on the next video in which I’ll be drawing a Tiger cub. So it’s safe to expect much more to come!!
To watch my videos, click on the picture below:

Update 29th of May 2010 – New Animal drawings section has been added.

Alright, so I have made a new section in the Drawings category today, called Animals. The name is pretty self-explanatory I think.
At the moment there’s only one drawing in the Animals section but I’m planning to draw some more soon. So keep checking! You can click here for a direct link to this shiny new category of mine, and enjoy!

Update 16th of May 2010 – Come have a look at my portraits!

Today I’ve uploaded some of my drawings in the Portraits section.
You can view them by hovering your mouse over ‘Drawings’ on the top of this website, and then selecting ‘Portraits’ by clicking on it.
Or, you can simply click here.

Update 26th of April 2010 – The beginning of something new.

Today I have started to work on a new layout for my site. Or actually, it’s almost a whole new site!

I have to upload all my drawings and my photo’s again, so I have started to do that as well.

I hope you’ll all be a little patient and bare with me, as this might be taking me some time.